Falling into chaos is merely being in something we cannot understand, tolerate, nor control.


But when we dare to approach it, peer into it, allow ourselves to feel it, the overwhelm begins to dissipate. The floating pieces begin to take discernible shape, even when previously unknown. Then, something begins to make sense. And, eventually, it stops seeming as chaotic as we thought.

We don’t shy away from chaos. We know chaos does not have to mean crisis – and that crisis does not have to be a bad thing. We approach it, begin to tolerate its discomfort. One step at a time we embrace its disorder – because we know that we cannot change it solely from without. We can shift our point of view on it, and only then can we experience something we can call by any other name.

Reordering the external by recalibrating the internal.

And, eventually, we may realize that there was an order to it all along, though we weren’t able to be with it from our previous level of awareness. And on the other side we are able to sail this sea of a higher complexity that previously could have sent us crashing down – as it probably did for us to get here. A rebirth though the kaleidoscope. Now we can play!

Chaos is a main driver of evolution – perhaps THE driver.
The couch is our coffin.
The potato, too dead to know it.
Step off, and be with it.
If we don’t, life’s likely to do it for us anyway – with a bitch-slap.

Thank you for being courageous, for being here as we support each other while navigating this chaotic, ever-expanding life.

* * *
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