Been wondering what’s happened (to us) in the last year and a half, when in May ’20 we’d hear forecasts about the pandemic possibly lasting until the summer of ’21 and cringe in disbelief and discontent, swearing that we wouldn’t let the powers that be do that to us, that we deserve our liberties, that no-one’s gonna take them away form us, that things had better be “back to normal” soon (whatever “soon” means), that we wouldn’t give in to social distancing nor covering our faces and muffling our voices for so long.

Well, summer of ’21 is almost over, the pandemic is still in full swing – and many of us now defend the measures that still keep it in what seems to be a neverending present. We’ve become afraid to get together, to hug, to kiss, to celebrate, to talk to a stranger, to travel, to even shake sterilized hands – to be and act human. Our fear of a virus has turned into a fear of one another. We judge those with a different point of view about vaccination and seem eager to back obligatory measures that creep up on free will – including our own – and to discredit anyone who even dares to question the mainstream.

What happened to that shock and indignation we felt from last year’s predictions?

I don’t mean to rattle any beehives nor start an argument that is inconsequential. I just wonder how this change in conviction has come about, what has happened to our own sense of will. How the information we consume from the media has shifted our sense of self and personal creed, and suppressed our faculties of impartial thinking and intuition. Rather, how we have allowed it to happen, because it is, in the end, a choice we’ve made. And now a lot of us are on the opposite side from where we started, defending it tooth and nail.

How much longer will this go on?
And how much longer does it need to?

This is an invitation to reflect, rather than debate. Nobody’s going to convince anybody of anything. We only change by own reflection.
Or, do we?

Comment, or not. But please think about this, on your own, and find YOUR truth through the din.

* * *
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