Standing here on spot “A” you have a dream: a great dream of a great life full of great people, abundance, and adventure. But that dream is not here; it’s over there, on spot “B”. In fact, it’s waaay over there. So far away that it feels impossible to close the gap between you. So you bury it under layers of excuses that you call reasons and forget that you ever had it. Then you get absorbed in all kinds of mindless motions that you never would have, had you listened to it. And you get drained all that time, justifying that life gets in the way or that you actually find the video of a dog licking peanut butter off its nose rather enlightening.

I’m sure this rings a bell.
But why do we all keep doing this?
What is that obstacle that keeps us from dreaming bigger?

You could say it’s the unstable economy. But you know it’s not. Neither is it a lack of investment capital, nor too many things to do in the craze of contemporary society. And, I hate to point out, it ain’t the bloated ego of your overpaid, underachieving, narcissistic boss, either.

This obstacle is something that virtually ALL of us stumble upon more often than we’d be willing to admit – even if we knew we were doing it. Perhaps you’ll recognize it:

We don’t dream bigger because when we get a glimpse of a life that seems better than what we have right now, we don’t have a clue as to HOW we can get “there”.
And we shut it down.

We imagine a better job, more free time, a fatter wallet, a slimmer bottom, a joyous relationship. We like what we see. It feels good to swim in that fantasy. Then we start to wonder what it would take to make these real – how to get to them. And, just in time for conflict, our analytical knights gallop in ahead of us, swords drawn for our protection, warning us against failure, frustration, and how HARD it’s gonna be to slay that dreamy dragon. And we usually take their advice!  We may even not feel worthy of a better life. “Yeah, as if…”  So we put the thing away, because it feels better to daydream of putting some a-hole in their place or check the latest memes on Facebook than to pursue something we have no clue how to get. Even though we’d love to.

We lie to ourselves.
“It’s not for me anyway.”
“I’m happy where I am. (Right?)

But there’s always the “wouldn’t that be nice?” that keeps tugging at the sleeve of our souls, wanting to be heard; a real desire that, although mislaid under layers of comfort, is too alive to remain buried. It wants to become.

But then, if it’s something that I’d love to have but can’t even start to do anything about because I don’t know how to get it, HOW do I deal with the freakin’ “how”?!?
The answer is simpler than you might think.

You don’t.

So then what?

Is there nothing for me to do?  Do I quit before I start?
If you want to.

But there’s another way:
Start by embracing your vision as true for you, with passion, as though it is already here. Put yourself in the picture and use all your senses as you imagine it. Fire up your desire for it. Want it. Savor it. Now. Here. No doubts, no gap; only the vision.

You see the “there” as “right here”.

This way of mentally and emotionally holding your desire sends an order to your subconscious, telling it that that’s what you want (in fact, all thoughts that we fire up work in this way – whether they reflect what we want or what we don’t). In turn, your subconscious sets in motion a process of materialization for that image you’ve energized. Situations, resources, attitudes, and people you will need to make this come true in the material world get signals so that they will appear in your life as the process moves along. And these signals get sent to you, too. If this sounds “woo-woo”, go back to anything you ever achieved and retrace its steps. It always begins with an idea, then a process of materialization (taking action, resources coming together), and finally its fruition.

Next, you allow yourself to recognize these signals that will get you closer to your dream. You decide to be willing to take any necessary actions that will take you closer to what you know is waiting for you – regardless of whether they fit your expectations about how it all will happen. You see, when you try to control the how you interfere with the process, as this narrows down the options that the Universe has to deliver what you’ve wished for:

“I need money for ________, and it must come from ________.” (Does not let you notice any other possibilities for income.)
“I want to beat traffic, but I must take this route.” (Does not let you take other streets that may give you faster access.)
“I’d like a better relationship with my mother, but she won’t apologize to me!” (Assumes that the only way there can be any improvement between you two is to first receive an apology from her.)

So ideas arrive, and you get to work. You write an email. Make a phone call. Publish a blog post (I took a hint here!) – even if “logic” imposes its safety limits on you. Inspired action is key, as it is what infuses our shared, physical reality with the idea in your mind.

And when apparent obstacles get in the way, you keep your focus on the vision. Blocks on the road are none other than a detour from your expectations, but they are no less direct to your goal. They are among the necessary steps to keep closing that gap and may arguably get you there faster than any routes you may have foreseen. So keep taking directed action. You fall down, get up, and keep walking.

So, basically: you passionately state what you want and become willing to take inspired action. In reply, Life, the Universe, God, or whatever you want to call it – that intelligent force that weaves the fabric of what we call matter, time, and space – takes care of the how. All the while, you remain open to receiving the signals and acting on them.

When you do your job – focus on the goal, keep faith that the manifestation of your desire is inevitable, and leave the means up to higher realms – they’ll do their job of delivering what you’ve asked for. They’re the stagehands who take care of the how, behind our conscious awareness.

So the trick is no trick. It’s a simple process. But it may require patience, conviction, and willingness. Faith in your desires, whether or not you already have material evidence to show for them, and deep trust in your own ability to overcome and receive will also help to smooth the way.

Remember that what you truly want wants you right back. It’s looking for you just as much as you’re looking for it. Were it not so, it wouldn’t even appear on your radar. So never stop desiring something just because you don’t know how to get it. If it feels true for you, envision it. Energize it. Then begin to walk toward it. Take a step, then another. Soon you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.

* * *

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